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In 2012, I left a decent paying web-designing job at a Multinational Company and got hired as a graphic designer, where I was asked to design an interface for Smart TV Box. Yes, it was an era when TV was still called an ‘Idiot Box’. The genius web/graphic designer in me smirked and started designing the layouts and buttons and other what not as per requirements of Stakeholders and Back-End Developers. Eventually, after a couple of months work, the easy looking simple layout turned out to be a disaster!! Things were all over the place with no rescue.

As luck would favor, I got to know that one of my friends at the same time was doing her Masters in Interaction Design. Our lousy college conversations led to know how her design for mobile apps was shaping up and she threw some unheard terms which had the word ‘design’ in the end such as ‘User Interface Design’ and ‘User Experience Design. These words sounded like holy-water dose for my layout design concerns for Smart TV Box. …

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Topics covered:
1. UI Color Scheme
2. Grey, the most important color
3. 60:30:10 Rule
4. Color Psychology

UI Color Scheme are:
Primary Colors, Secondary Colors, Accent Colors,
Neutral Colors, & Semantic Colors

Primary Colors:
- It’s the base color of UI Design
- Most Used colors
- Basic Brand colors to choose from

Secondary Colors:
- It’s an optional Color
- Used when you want to break that monotonous look
- Makes your UI more Vibrant & Attractive

Here is the basics of Color System. It is extremely important when you want to get your basic aesthetics clear.

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Topics covered are:
1. Introduction to Color wheel
2. Balance & Harmony in Color
3. Knowing the terms — RGB, CMYK, & HSB

Making of Color wheel


mansi sanghani

I am always wired to my tiny sketchbook where shapes flow into design, and sometimes my creativity overflows onto the page in the form of design

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