In 2012, I left a decent paying web-designing job at a Multinational Company and got hired as a graphic designer, where I was asked to design an interface for Smart TV Box. Yes, it was an era when TV was still called an ‘Idiot Box’. The genius web/graphic designer in me smirked and started designing the layouts and buttons and other what not as per requirements of Stakeholders and Back-End Developers. Eventually, after a couple of months work, the easy looking simple layout turned out to be a disaster!! Things were all over the place with no rescue.

As luck…

Topics covered:
1. UI Color Scheme
2. Grey, the most important color
3. 60:30:10 Rule
4. Color Psychology

UI Color Scheme are:
Primary Colors, Secondary Colors, Accent Colors,
Neutral Colors, & Semantic Colors

Primary Colors:
- It’s the base color of UI Design
- Most Used colors
- Basic Brand colors to choose from

Secondary Colors:
- It’s an optional Color
- Used when you want to break that monotonous look
- Makes your UI more Vibrant & Attractive

Here is the basics of Color System. It is extremely important when you want to get your basic aesthetics clear.

Topics covered are:
1. Introduction to Color wheel
2. Balance & Harmony in Color
3. Knowing the terms — RGB, CMYK, & HSB

Making of Color wheel

mansi sanghani

I am always wired to my tiny sketchbook where shapes flow into design, and sometimes my creativity overflows onto the page in the form of design

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