Color System: Knowing the Basics

Here is the basics of Color System. It is extremely important when you want to get your basic aesthetics clear.

Topics covered are:
1. Introduction to Color wheel
2. Balance & Harmony in Color
3. Knowing the terms — RGB, CMYK, & HSB

Making of Color wheel

Primary Colors
Primary Colors (Red, Blue, Yellow)

Primary Colors are Natural Colors. They are also know as pure color.
Red, Blue & Yellow are placed in a triangular format on a wheel.

Secondary Colors (Orange, Purple, Green)
Secondary Colors (Orange, Purple, Green)

On mixing 2 Primary color, 1 secondary color is created.
Red+Yellow = Orange
Yellow+Blue = Green
Blue+Red = Purple

Tertiary Colors (Teal, Magenta, Chartreuse)
Tertiary Colors (Teal, Magenta, Chartreuse)

On mixing 1 Primary color & 1 secondary color, you get Tertiary color
Red+Orange = Vermilion
Orange+Yellow = Amber
Yellow+Green = Chartreuse
Green+Blue = Teal
Blue+Purple = Violet
Purple+Red = Magenta

Balance is the key to Harmony

The below color combinations can make your design color palette very appealing.

Complimentary & Split-Complimentary colors

Complimentary Colors are the opposite colors that you find on a color wheel
(eg. Red & Green)

In Split-Complimentary Colors, the two colors placed symmetricly
around one of the complimentary color
on the color wheel
(eg. Red, Chartreuse & Teal)

Analogous colors & Square colors

Analogous colors are groups of three colors that are next to each other on the color wheel (eg. Chartreuse, Green & Teal)

Square colors are a combination of four colors equally spaced around the color wheel. (eg. Orange, Chartreuse, Magenta & Blue)

Triadic colors & Tetradic colors

Triadic colors comprised of three colors evenly spaced on the color wheel
(eg. Chartreuse, Violet & Vermilion)

Tetradic colors are formed using any 2 complimentary colors scheme from the color wheel. (Vermilion, Magenta, Teal & Chartreuse)

Let’s see 3 Components of Colors


Hue Colors

Colors must fit together as pieces in a puzzle or cogs in a wheel
- Hans Hofmann

I am always wired to my tiny sketchbook where shapes flow into design, and sometimes my creativity overflows onto the page in the form of design

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